Brass Class

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PREODER - Due to COVID 19 shutting down the UK, this project has been delayed! Scheduled for February delivery!

Learn how to perform coin box magic!

Rooster's debut release to the magic community, Brass Class is another perfect example of New Modern Coin Magic.

Forget about the old, classic table top only performances with coin boxes. In Brass Class you'll learn to perform coin box magic in the hands of spectators in the walk around setting! Great for strolling gigs, house parties, weddings, cocktail parties, restaurants, Instagram, Facebook, and more!

This project is a curated collection of the best moves and shakes that can and should be performed with an Okito Coin Box, such as the New Copeland Coin Box.

We've all set through (and fallen asleep to) a teaching video that was an encyclopedia of constant, drowning information that detailed every last thought on a subject. But let's face it, that is not what you need. And seriously, who has time for that!? 

In Brass Class, you get the power points desired, because Rooster, a real world professional, shares exactly what you need to get performing and prepared for Okito coin box magic.

The Brass Class is in session soon!

And by the way, you will instantly get Brass Class for FREE with each Copeland Coin Box purchase! 

You will learn:

* The Ins and Outs of coin box magic
* Loaded with the most reliable moves and cornerstone sleights to get you going fast!
* Learn it and perform it. Roo completes the course with one of his signature effects, "Silverhero Coins"
* This course was made for everyone. It is for both beginners and experienced performers who need some fresh motivation to get out and perform coin box magic!
* Learn via Copeland Coins' original teaching method, DAVE. Yay!
* Bring your own Boxes, Roo will be performing with our elite Copeland Coin Box, but you can start today with what you have! (Brass Class is FREE with each Okito style Coin Box Purchase)

A word from Rooster...
"In ‘Brass Class’ I am going through beginner to intermediate moves all of which I use in my close up mix and mingle box work...yes that’s right, no table required! Split into four easy to watch sections and giving you everything you need to go out and start building your modern coin box routines. At the end of the download, I will teach you one of my favourite box routines, ‘Silverhero Coins’, giving you the perfect framework to start practicing and utilizing these newly learnt moves. So sit back, pick up your newly acquired "brass friend" and enjoy!” 
- Rooster



A little bit about Rooster and the Project...

Roo will be the third contributing artist to Copeland Coins. I found the last two artists, Roo found me. And I'm so glad he did!

Roo sent over a couple of videos in a brief email out of the blue. At the time, I had never thought of performing Okito Box magic in a strolling, walk around environment, but that is exactly what he does! And he does it with charm and precision.

If you've followed the Copeland Coins brand for a while, you know I only release what I call "New Modern Coin Magic." I don't want to sell you the ideas that have already been sold. It would defeat the brand's mission of advancing the art via beautiful coin magic; therefore, the idea of bringing on an Okito Box magician to the brand was just out of the question.

"Okito box? That's old school coin magic!" Don't get me wrong, I love old school coin magic, too! It's just not what we are creating here. So when I saw what Roo was doing I was simply amazed! He asked me what I thought and I said, "Absolutely Yes! ...But we need the right box to go along with it." And the rest of the story you can now see unfolding. So brace you self for the next chapter of New Modern Coin magic written by the Amazing Rooster, who's creativity and skill will mesmerize you and get you thinking...Outside of the old school coin box!

Welcome Rooster to the team with me, will you? Support good magic. Support Rooster with this fine project. Coming Soon!


Jeff Copeland




*Please remember with all DAVE products: The video portion may be downloaded and saved to your hard drive or mobile device. Yay! This is just like a traditional download video you may have purchased.

The complete product, including the frame and pictures, known as DAVE streams online and is best viewed on a screen that is 11 inches or larger. This is a super value product, you get the lecture notes and the video together. A bigger screen will help to fit all the information, so you can comfortably read all the details (the text, pictures, and video) in the same space. Awesome!