Tiger-Tan Coins

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Coins Made by a Magician for Magicians.

The Tiger-Tan Coin is a fictitious piece of "money art" featuring the majestic TIGER and the elusive oranguTAN.

These coins were designed specifically for sleight of hand magic with all the best features of real currency and none of the flaws previously minted into "magic coins." They were made to make your magic stronger.

Simply stated: These coins were engineered for professional magic.


- Same SPECIFICATIONS as United States
Morgan Silver Dollars & Kennedy Half Dollars
- Details and text that mimic REAL history
- Obverse side features the majestic TIGER & reverse the elusive ORANGUTAN
- REEDED edges with excellent grip
- Solid COPPER with tarnish resistant coating
- Bright contrasting COLORS - Amazing contrast against silver coins even in low light!*
- Amazing TOUCH, sound, and even smells like real money
- Dollar size coins weights a stunning 24 GRAMS! (Heavier than an Eisenhower Dollar)
- Half dollar size weights an amazing 12 GRAMS!
- Sized to fit in Blackbird or the Traveler Wallet
- The size, weight, and texture makes these coins manipulate like REAL currency, maybe even better…


The design was graphically embodied by Master Artist, Edo Huang, under the direction and vision of Jeff Copeland.

Edo has been a long time respected specialty deck designer, creating beautifully inspired artwork for card magicians, cardist, and collectors. His work now appears on a custom coin for the first time… and it is a perfect example of style and grace that any nation would be envious to have on their currency. 

The coins feature amazing bright color which shows up in any environment ensuring your audience sees your magic and notice coin color changes the instant they happen! The weight guarantees you feel your coins during intricate manipulations. And the sizes are true to US Silver Dollars and US half dollars, the "global standard" coins for magic.
With these coins, you will surely Make Beautiful Magic.


Coins are packaged individually. The Trésor coin album ONLY comes with purchase of Trésor product. See page for details. 


Coins are available in singles and in the following sets for a discounted price:
Tiger-Tan Half Dollar & Dollar set (2 coins total, one of each size) 


Two Tiger-Tan Half Dollars (2 coins total) 

Two Tiger-Tan Dollars (2 coins total) 

Tiger-Tan Dollar & Half Dollar SPECIAL (8 coins total, 4 of each size)



Giving Back: Tigers and Orangutans are both critically endangered species that have been vanishing from our planet. This project proudly highlights these magical animals and a portion of each sale is donated to their survival for all future generations!


*Please Note: Each coin is hand groomed to have small variations and the appearance of light circulation in the real world. For this reason each coin will have small, intentional variances in color. Coins purchased in sets will be matched to look similar. Coins are not legal tender. They have no cash value and present no cash value. Technically speaking these are "rounds," not coins.