Coin Care

Copeland Coins Brand Name Tips:

- Carry your coins flat in a snug and secure coin wallet such as the Traveler or Viajero. These wallets minimize the coin movement, unlike coin purses where the coins can rattle and scratch, Copeland Coin brand wallets firmly hug coins tight.

- Never use your coins over a hard or abrasive floor. (example: tile or concrete) If you drop them they could seriously dent. Copeland Coin brand name coins are made from premium metals, just like real historic coins and you will want to take care they don't hit the ground. Practice over a rug, a bed or practice pad.

- The factory tarnish resistant coating on your coins could be a little slick at first, just like a new deck of cards! Give the coating a day or two of practice to begin to break in and feel more natural.

- If the edges still feel slick, you may run the edges only across a floor carpet or rug. This will quickly remove just a touch of the shine and make the coins grip better. If is absolutely NOT recommended that you use anything abrasive on the coin that could scratch the surface.

- Never clean your coins or expose them to solvents, soaps or anything that could effect the tarnish resistant coating. Rather, let the natural oils in your skin work into the coins, making the coating more natural to your grip. (BTW...The Beeswax Finish Viajero has shown no negative side effects to coins so don't worry about using one to hold your precious metal.)

- If your coins are made of a ferrous metal, do not expose them to water as they could rust. If wet, dry immediately and always store in a dry place.

- Practice daily with these coins and you'll be amazed how quickly your skills grow!


 US Government Silver Coins Tips:

- Never clean your coins. Let your hands and pockets remove any dirt during practice and let the natural oils in your skin tarnish the coins.

-Never polish your coins. Old coins became beautiful the natural way: from pocket carry and transactional use. Don't use any polish on your coins, the results will chemically alter them with an artificial shine and possibly even effect your grip.

- Never practice over hard tile or concrete. If you drop one the results could be catastrophic! Tile eats coins and concrete chews them up. Neither will apologize for the results.

- Real silver is an investment. The metal has the opportunity to appreciate, the collector's value can increase, and more importantly to a magician... your loved coins develop personalities and traits. Some learn tricks better than others, others learn certain tricks, and all will be come relied upon for that big moment to wow the crowd. Treat your coins well. Carry them in a solid coin wallet such as Traveler or Viajero and they can last for many life times to come.

- Use your beloved coins daily and the rewards will be great!


Tips for all your Copeland Coins Wallets:

- Store your leather wallet dry and with a safe relative humidity when not in use. Leather is a skin, it will react to the climate like a skin.

- If your wallet gets wet, that is not a very big deal. As it drys it will dry a little tighter. Some people may wish to get their wallet a little moist and allow it to dry outside on a sunny day to firm up the wallet. It is not recommended to get the wallet wet and then bake it in an oven as some leather care ideas may suggest. This will most surely weaken the material, particularly at high heat.

- Though you can use leather products and conditioners, it's not recommended on these wallets. Goat skin is a soft thin leather. The oils in your skin will most likely be the only conditioner you really need. As far as the Beeswax Finish Viajero, this wallet will actually condition your skin. Over time, the Beeswax will wear away, but it can easily be recharged with the included or additional recharge kits. The Beeswax is a great natural way to protect your wallet.

- Don't leave the wallet anywhere a pet can get a hold of it. It's sad, but we have heard story after story of a puppy that thought Traveler was a chew toy!


Tips for your Copeland Coins Brand Coin Ring:

Whoops! Did we tip an upcoming product here?...

- Do not stretch the wallet by the stitching. Too much stress could tear the leather.