Who is DAVE?


DAVE is an acronym for the Digital Annotated Video Experience. "He" is a Jeff Copeland original creation combining book and video together for teaching sleight of hand magic.

Because of the incredibly well organized detail of DAVE, it's like speed reading, you will learn magic quicker than ever before!

Among magicians, there is a constant debate between which medium is best to learn from: Book or Video? Both learning tools have great benefits and pitfalls, so the debate continues.

Video learning teaches timing and misdirection, which are hard concepts to read about. When properly presented on video, performers can see and comprehend sleights that may be difficult to fully describe in print.

Books; however, can give deeper theories that may be challenging to capture on video. Printed works typically go through a much more tedious editing process and there is still something about the use of photography in textbooks that aids in learning at each individual's own pace without feeling rushed.

Pictures allow hand positions to be mirrored and meditated upon. Constantly rewinding a video to attempt such focus on a particular part of a routine is frustrating and slows down the learning process. As you can see, a solution for using these two learning aids together has been needed for some time...

So, Copeland presents his answer to the old argument of Book or Video with an exclusive teaching concept that is the best of both worlds: DAVE.  

Just like modern video teaching, viewers will benefit from a HD download that teaches all the moves, but the DAVE format is unconventional because it also includes classic text annotations with tips, theory, history, and advanced ideas, as well as still photographs to the moves, just like a book!

DAVE streams online and is easy to use. The video plays and tells you when to turn the pages of the book in an interactive manor. The interaction is key to keeping you engaged with the content. DAVE also has built in links to other pages, ideas, and some projects even feature "mouse over" photographs where you get multiple angles of the same sleight, for even more clarity!

Everything syncs together and the detailed teaching meets you at your individual skill level.

The goal is to make the digital learning of magic interactive and as easy as possible, so you can quickly get out and perform!


DAVE is available on several projects, including:

Corner Pocket



Sly Palm





Note: For the full experience, the DAVE teaching format is BEST viewed streaming on a desktop, laptop or large screen of at least 11 inches using approved browsers: Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. A full size screen simply allows you to take in all the content. In each DAVE purchase, a standard, video only download (just like traditional downloads) is also available for use with mobile devices to watch offline or on the go!







For Inquires on using DAVE in your magic project or any non-magic teaching projects, use the contact form.