A New Modern Coin Routine by Danny Goldsmith

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This is Copeland Coins.

A creative room in the house of magic dedicated to bringing you the best teaching and tools for amazing coin magic tricks.

Introducing Reialme!

A brand new project reshaping how you learn magic.

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Made by a Magician for Magicians

At Copeland Coins you will find products created and inspired by real performance from a real performer.  These ideas work. Not just on video, but in the real world. So no matter where you choose to perform, you're ready.

Know that your purchase contains legitimate tools and tricks to enhance your abilities and passion for the art of coin magic and beyond.  No matter what your experience or interest in coin magic, each product is designed to meet you at your skill level.

Beginner Students will become stronger and better equipped with new training while Advanced Students will become become wiser and more focused in their studies with new challenges. Every lesson is taught with the endgame in mind: Make beautiful magic.  




Your everyday carry coin wallet.

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For Everyone!

Copeland Coins gives you the tools and teaching to create astonishing moments, no mater what your coin magic experience. Card magic folks are welcome here, too!


The Coin Artist's Wallet


Cleanest Coin Productions Ever!


An Adventure Awaits.



Enjoyment, Style, & Function.

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Demanding attention better than all other theatrical properties.

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