Copeland Coins is the online store front for magical creator Jeff Copeland, founded Memorial Day, Two Thousand and Seventeen. It was created for anyone to learn coin magic.

An award-winning professional magician, Copeland turned his childhood hobby of sleight of hand magic into a professional career in 2003. Since then, he has been entertaining audiences around the world, specializing in sleight of hand manipulation of coins.

In 2016, Copeland released two best selling products, Traveler & Blackbird, that boosted his popularity as a known magician in the teaching community. Unlike many new releases in the crowded, digitally taught magic world that quickly disappear after a couple of weeks, both of Copeland's first products have grown in sales since release. Blackbird continues to inspire cleaner magic and Traveler is being called a "Modern Classic."

Trésor, released with the store's opening, is Copeland's first self-published release featuring DAVE. The user reviews say it all. In 2018, Corner Pocket proved this teaching style works comfortably for an everyday, value priced download and Reialme raised the bar giving a glimpse of what online teaching may look like in the future. Get ready for more advances in this style of production and teaching in the upcoming months!

Copeland's natural thought process has lead to a vast collection of pure coin sleights as well as the development of minimalist, hidden gimmicks that allow magicians to amplify pure sleight-of-hand. (Stay tuned, because the upcoming Copeland coins, gimmicks, and effects are really going to turn heads!)

Based out of the Houston, Texas area, this online store was set up for the friends and fans of Jeff Copeland and Contributing Artist to support their work directly. Backed with a high level of respect in the magic community, Copeland Coins seeks to provide excellent community and support. Every release features quality, time tested work that will get you performing sleight-of-hand through clear and in depth teaching found in no other brand.

Welcome to Copeland Coins. 
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Copeland Coins is a store front name for Copeland Magic LLC. Copyright 2017, 2018, 2019.