Jeff Copeland was on a mission to find the perfect copper coin to match the size and feel of a US Morgan silver dollar. When he couldn’t find it, he made it. And that was the beginning of Copeland Coins.

Founded on Memorial Day in 2017, the brand has grown to feature a custom coin line up, as well as historical silver coins, leather wallets, contributors, and more! The ideas here are different. Not just for the sake of being different, but to make a difference and advance coin magic.

Copeland Coins' products are taught through an exclusive, revolutionary learning system called DAVE. Every release features quality, time tested work that will get you performing sleight of hand through clear and in depth teaching found in no other magic brand!

Stick around and read some reviews, because they tell the real story of Copeland Coins. Then, find something you like to take home. You’ll be glad you did, just the like thousands of other magicians around the Globe!

Copeland Coins is here for you. This site exists to help you create. And who knows, maybe someday it will be you featured here teaching all of us…Wouldn’t that be great!

Welcome to Copeland Coins.
Be inspired and...
Make Beautiful Magic.






Based out of the Houston, Texas area, this online store was set up for the friends and fans of Jeff Copeland and Contributing Artists to support their work directly. Backed with a high level of respect in the magic community, Copeland Coins seeks to provide quality products, excellent community, and personal support. May the Lord bless you! Psalms 91.


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