Walking Liberty Set 17DD

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For some Coin Artists it is difficult to obtain real United States Government Silver Coins in matching sets at an affordable price. 

So Copeland Coins will be offering sets of guaranteed, genuine US Silver coins for purchase when available. Each set is photographed and posted "as is." These coins are real history and have the scars and sometimes stories to prove it. The coins you see in this listing ARE the coins you will receive with purchase so you know exactly what you are getting.

Copeland has hand selected each set to keep variances to a minimum for maximum magic potential. So there is great value knowing that each coin will work with the others in the set. 

Copeland Coins Exclusive: Each set of coins is shipped in a Traveler wallet!

You are looking at set 17DD of Walking Liberty US Half Dollars with the exact Traveler Wallet you will receive..*


Condition - circulated
Details: Clean, all dates and details are clearly visible
Softness: 8/10 - These coins have nice smooth faces, yet still have a great texture with a supreme feel. There is a great balance in these coins of still having wonderful details and rims that are worn down just enough to still move very smoothly with very minimal noise. These are best selling features in my Walking Liberty coin sets.
Reeded Edges - worn with moderate grip
Patina - Marvelous contrast. Silver to Black colors and everything in between.
Matching -  98% similarity between pieces
Dates - various 1930s-40s
Magical Touch - Wonderful tone and texture. These metal marvels are going to turn heads at your next living room performance or strolling gig.  Great touch and feel, they work with my hands, not against them when testing difficult sleights. They are ready to perform.**

Thesis: A supremely matched set by color, these silver tones work well in all lighting conditions. An all around practical set for any kind of magic. Super find.


- Set of 5 US Walking Liberty Half Dollar sized Silver Coins in these pictures
- New Traveler Wallet - You will receive the exact wallet in these pictures. As always, each wallet is 100% unique. The Traveler wallets in the coin sets are brand new, but may display very distinct stains and tanning marks making them truly, one of a kind. 
- Insurance on coins during shipping. You are covered! (standard shipping cost is still added at checkout, if applicable).***


*Sets are sold complete and will not be broken apart. Requests for coins sets and individual coins are welcomed via email, but this set will NOT be broken apart. Coins have not been cleaned and it is recommended that you never clean your coins. Simply use them everyday and the silver highlights will become more brilliant naturally.

**These are Copeland Coins's independent ratings and are a subjective opinion. Buyer must understand this before purchasing and should feel free to ask questions before purchasing. Please contact Copeland Coins before ordering from outside of the United States to insure shipping is possible.

***While other coin venders may add on Insurance costs in extra fees, Copeland Coins includes this in the purchase price. It is mandatory for shipping valuable coins and will not be removed. Standard shipping costs (if applicable) will be added on at check out as a normal purchase. Take note: Sets will typically arrive signature required upon delivery.