JEFF-ecta Project
JEFF-ecta Project
JEFF-ecta Project
JEFF-ecta Project
JEFF-ecta Project
JEFF-ecta Project
JEFF-ecta Project

JEFF-ecta Project

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Sneak Peek!


This is the Sneak Peek of our brand new project featuring the magic of some of the greatest magicians with the same name!

If you got an advanced copy...or just wish you had, please share a review!

Quick Stats

  • 5 Magic Jeffs and 1 Magic Geoff unite in an Epic Project.
  • Learn from the best Jeffs in the business
  • The first time this has ever happened before!
  • Over 6 hours of continuous Jeff teaching.
  • Beginner to Advanced Lessons
  • All details and stats in Footnotes below!

What others are saying!*

"The Multiple Jeffs have produced a real treasure." - Piff the Magic Dragon

"I thought I had seen it all before. I had not! This is the new future of magic genres." - Craig Petty

"Why wasn't I invited!?" - Jeffrey Wang

What's Included?

  • A DAVE or DAVID style tutorial Download.
  • Magic from Jeff McBride, Jeff Hobson, Jeff Kaylor, Geoff Williams, Jeff Prace, and Jeff Copeland
  • Jeff on Jeff personal Interviews.
  • Comparative spellings and discussion on the differences between Jeff, Jeffry, Jeffy, Jeffery, Jeffrey, Jeffory, Geoff, Geoffrey, Jeffeory, Geffrey, Jefferson, and Jeffro 
  • Deep philosophical insights on the meaning of Jeff
  • Discussions on the next new genres in magic like ChatGPT scripted, handedness, and blood type.
  • Remember, this is not a physical product. Bring your own props and a sense of humor!
  • Please read all the footnotes and watch the Trailer!

The Footnotes

And, if you've made it this far.... Happy April Fools!

This is not a real product. But if it fooled you or made you laugh, share this page with a magic friend!

Jeff Copeland

*Fake quote warning. These are not real quotes. 

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