Half Dollars

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BEFORE YOU PURCHASE A COIN, PLEASE READ ALL THE DETAILS! These coins are dealer's choice. This means that you will not receive actual coins from these photographs, but will receive coins in as good as or better condition!

For some Coin Artists it is difficult to obtain real United States Government Silver Coins at an affordable price. 

So Copeland Coins will be offering guaranteed genuine US Silver coins for purchase when available.  The coins are real history and may have the scars and sometimes stories to prove it. 

You are looking at Dealer's Choice US Half Dollars. You will receive one coin that is very similar to a coin viewed in the pictures. Looking for Half Dollar sets? Click here.

Detailed Coin Stats:

Condition - circulated
Details: Good - all text is readable including date and fine details
Softness: 8/10 - coin is smooth to the touch, all text is readable. No burrs or dents.
Reeded Edges - good but used condition.
Patina - Darkened slate and graphite colors give a rich contrast to brilliant silver highlights.
Date - various 
Magical Touch - These coins have the majestic soft feel that only US silver coins provide. The coin will be easy to roll and manipulate. A real worker, each coin is hand selected for sleight of hand magic and will exhibit all the best properties a silver coin can offer. Pick one up now before they're gone!*

Slick Coin Stats:

Condition - well circulated
Details: Poor - Text may be worn or not fully readable
Softness: 9.5-10/10 - coin is extremely smooth to the touch and will slide perfectly against other coins or flat surfaces. No burrs or dents.
Reeded Edges - typically not very good.
Patina - Coins will have less variation in colors, usually softer, cold tones
Date - various
Magical Touch - These coins are chosen for intermediate to advanced sleights. They grip extremely well with practice and are typically used by professional workers. Because of their thin characteristics, multiples can easily be stacked and palmed with practice. Slick coins tend to smoothly glide through your finger tips. There is a finesse in using them. Like touchy brakes on a sports car, you can fly or stop in a moment because of how the worn silver reacts to your skin. Performing with them is like a dance. You use strength balanced with grace for beautiful results. Absolutely worth a test drive!

Please Note: Slick coins will have less details with near smooth faces and the edges may be significantly worn down.


One (1) Dealer's Choice US Half Dollar Silver Coin of your style choice.
Insurance on coin during shipping (standard shipping cost is still added at checkout)**

  Please Note: Historical US Silver coins contain 90% silver. Clad and copper coins contain no Silver. Other coins contain the amount of silver noted.

IF YOU BUY MULTIPLES OF THE SAME COIN THEY WILL NOT MATCH. If you need matching coins, then buy a set of coins that have been meticulously matched with much time and effort; otherwise, you will be sent coins that will not match in color and tone. View Half Dollar sets here.

*These are Copeland Coins's independent ratings and are a subjective opinion. Buyer must understand this before purchasing and should feel free to ask questions before purchasing. Please contact Copeland Coins before ordering from outside of the United States to insure shipping is possible.

**While other coin venders may add on Insurance costs in extra fees, Copeland Coins includes this in the purchase price. It is mandatory for shipping valuable coins and will not be removed. Standard shipping costs will be added on at check out as a normal purchase.


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