Franklin Halves Set 17I

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For some Coin Artists it is difficult to obtain real United States Government Silver Coins in matching sets at an affordable price. 

So Copeland Coins will be offering sets of guaranteed, genuine US Silver coins for purchase when available. Each set is photographed and posted "as is." These coins are real history and have the scars and sometimes stories to prove it. The coins you see in this listing ARE the coins you will receive with purchase so you know exactly what you are getting.

Copeland has hand selected each set to keep variances to a minimum for maximum magic potential. So there is great value knowing that each coin will work with the others in the set. Time and money will be saved by purchasing a matching set of coins.*

Copeland Coins Exclusive: Each set of coins is shipped in a Traveler wallet!

You are looking at Group 17I of Benjamin Franklin US Half Dollars.


Condition - circulated
Details: Great, all dates and details are visible. (I love Franklins because of the clear face and bell design. They have such a unique and clean design for US silver)
Softness: 7/10 - These coins have great raised features but still feel very soft. Franklins are not as old and did not get circulated as long, therefore they are typically not as soft, but have great silver content and will wear with use! One coin has a slightly raised edge and one coin has a small burr, but nothing too noticeable.
Reeded Edges - worn, but exhibit good grip
Patina - nice muted silver tone with contrasting shading makes a beautiful coin.
Matching -  98% similarity between coins
Dates - all 1957
Magical Touch - These coins feel amazing! I love Franklins. I can say that every time I pick one up. Benny Franklin looks like a fun guy and I like fun magic. They are not a popular coin...which makes me love them even more, knowing people are seeing something unique every time you perform with them. Also, the bell design can be used for story magic. They aren't as slick on the faces so they will not slide completely silent like other halves, but they are circulated silver, so by nature absolutely quiet enough for most any magic. Give these guys a spin. I believe they will bring smiles to your performance!**


Set of 5 US Benjamin Franklin Half Dollar sized Silver Coins in these pictures
New Traveler Wallet - You will receive the exact wallet in these pictures.
Insurance on coins during shipping (standard shipping cost is still added at checkout)***


*Sets are sold complete and will not be broken apart. Requests for coins sets and individual coins are welcomed via email, but this set will NOT be broken apart. Coins have not been cleaned and it is recommended that you never clean your coins. Simply use them everyday and the silver highlights will become more brilliant naturally.

**These are Copeland Coins's independent ratings and are a subjective opinion. Buyer must understand this before purchasing and should feel free to ask questions before purchasing. Please contact Copeland Coins before ordering from outside of the United States to insure shipping is possible.

***While other coin venders may add on Insurance costs in extra fees, Copeland Coins includes this in the purchase price. It is mandatory for shipping valuable coins and will not be removed. Standard shipping costs will be added on at check out as a normal purchase.