Copeland Crypto

Copeland Crypto

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The most new way to pay!


With new technologies arriving everyday, it is imperative for all of our favorite brands to adapt & chart a new path into the bright future...


And now your favorite coin company has taken that step...


Introducing...Copeland Crypto


The most new way to invest in amazing magic! 

How does it work?

By digitally minting the currency we accept as payment for our products, we have created an intriguing (although some may say unnecessary) method of purchasing new magic.


Imagine you've been eyeing the new Copeland Coin Shell...


Or a Copeland Coin Box, the one that keeps turning heads and making beautiful magic!


In the past you would go to pull out your typical credit card from your typical wallet from your typical pocket to place your order...



Now instead of dealing with all those TYPICAL methods of payment, you can use Copeland Crypto!


It really is the most new way to pay!

The Fine Print

  • It's such the most amazing way to pay, it's limited to the first 50 early adaptors until we get the kinks worked out.
  • Want to earn practically free Copeland Crypto? Mining for our Currency recourses is easy. Just buy any Copeland Coin Product, snap a picture and post it to ten unique social media platforms with #CopelandCrypto. Get each post liked 17 times by friends of friends and voila! Your account will begin to multiply like sponge bunnies!
  • Easily trade Copeland Crypto with other valuable currency such as: Imagination Coins, Kingdom Coins, Chocolate Coins, and Hank Lee Palming Coins.
  • Scan this code on your mobile device to sell waffles:

  • Ordinary people just like you are getting into crypto and you can, too... with our non-government backed, privately owned, digitally fabricated currency, now run by a real coin company.
  • Any complaints can be sent directly to , Cuz he luvs 'em!
  • Any missing fine print is potentially available by subscribing here.
  • And... if you got this far & you know what today's date is you have hopefully enjoyed this bit of silliness...APRIL FOOLS! And for your graciousness in going along with it, we want to gift you with an ACTUAL way to pay. This is NO JOKE. Use code copelandcrypto for $15 off any purchase over $100 this weekend only in our Flash Sale.
  • Now go order some new magic with code "copelandcrypto" so YOU can be the April Fooler everyone talks about!

Legal Disclaimer: Copeland Crypto is not a real financial product or currency. It is not real and is not available for purchase. Happy April Fools Day! We hope you enjoyed our joke. Did we make you laugh? Share this page with friends!

The Flash Sale with discount code is Real. Treat yo' self!

"CopelandCrypto" promo code rules:

  1. We reserve the right to end this sale at any time.
  2. Sale is good for $15 off any purchase of $100 or more.
  3. Must use promo code copelandcrypto at the time of purchase.
  4. Not valid with any other offer. No other promotions or offers are valid in conjunction with this sale. The code will not work any other discount, even if it is a site offered automatic discount. (The only exception is FREE USA Shipping or Discounted International Shipping.)
  5. Offer good only once per customer, physical address, email address, and account.
  6. Not valid on past purchases. Sorry, all sales have a beginning and end.
  7. Limited time only.

SAVE $15 NOW! Use the Code!

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