Contest Details

The Contest Details are simple. By subscribing and confirming subscription to the newsletter at any time in 2017 you are automatically entered for a chance to win at least $200 in FREE magic and there is nothing more necessary to do. Further details are as follows:

1. To enter contest you must subscribe (and confirm subscription via emailed link) to Copeland Coins mailing list powered by One lucky winner will receive a copy or set of every Copeland Coins item produced at the time of contest. This will include but not limited to a Traveler, Blackbird, Trésor, and Special set of 8 Tiger-Tan coins. An over $200 value!

2. Winner will receive all items shipped for free to anywhere in the world.

3. If the winner already has a copy of an item, it may be substituted for a future release yet to be named. Maximum of one (1) substituted item will be free shipped. If winner needs to substitute more than one item, he/she may choose to wait and ship items together or pay for the cost shipping. In other words, Copeland Coins will pay for up to two free shipments of items to anywhere in the world, but not more than two free shipments will be made.

4. Winner will only be selected from active subscribers in a professional, fair, and documented manor, such as Facebook Live.

5. Copeland Coins promises to protect and never abuse your email address with unwanted and obsessive emails.

6. Participants can unsubscribe at any time, but will be removed from the contest.

7. One entry per person with one active email address subscribed to the list. Through social media, the contest may present opportunities to have multiple or multiplied entries through product "likes," "shares," and "tags." In other words, stay in touch on Facebook and Social media to see any additional chances to win, but only one email address should be subscribed to this list.

8. No purchase necessary.

9. Contest will end no later than March 31, 2017.

10. Contest must have at least 100 entrances to become active. Spread the word.

11. Contest can not and will in no shape or form discriminate people based on race, gender, religion, political opinions, email address, or any social status.

12. Copeland Coins is offering this contest in good faith and as a kind gesture. Please support the rules and understand this is a gift to one lucky person. Please do not attempt to rig, sabotage, manipulate, or cheat as this would break the spirit of the contest.