Copeland Coin Box in round and square with optional star lid
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Reimagined. Reengineered. Build Copeland Coins Style...The Copeland Coin Box replaces all your boxes in one brand!

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The Coin Box is finally at Copeland Coins!

Engineered, modeled, tested, and tested some more... Then it was handled, practiced, and put through an array of every sleight imaginable. Hundreds and hundreds of hours were dedicated to develop the perfect coin box for the new Millennium. The Copeland Coin box is here and you've never felt a box like this before!

Rooster and Rick Holcombe were key players in the box development. Listen to Roo:

“Ahh! The Copeland Coin Box, where do I start?! Well, what you’re looking at is a years worth of labour and love. Both styles of boxes have been built from the ground up. The one coin lid depth is ideal and the bevelled edges help seat the lid on the box with absolute ease. Full disclosure, the new square shape (which I’m affectionately calling the “iPhone App Box”) may just be my favourite box of all time! All the moves you can do with the round, you can do with the square and its modern sleek design is a joy to perform with!”  -Rooster 

Quick Stats

  • Available in both Half Dollar or Dollar Size
  • Each size is available in classic round box shape or a brand new square shape. That's right, the Copeland Coin box is available in a square shape. Finally, the box is a box!! (The first time in our research this has ever been done!)
  • Each coin box holds four coins and a shell. Coins are not included, but available as a separate purchase.
  • Modern or classic? You decide. Each box has a sleek design that complements the look of current smart phones while also displaying heritage back to the first coin boxes!
  • These slim shapes were designed to be comfortably pocket carried for walk around performance, the way we perform most New Modern Coin Magic routines.
  • Made of solid, industrial grade brass.
  • Learn Coin Box Magic! Each purchase comes with the new video "BRASS CLASS" featuring coin box magic taught by the newest contributing artist, Rooster! Roo is victorious at walk around coin box magic and he is the best source for teaching beginners or refreshing seasoned folk who want to pick up box magic again! (BRASS CLASS is a $24.95 value for FREE with each standard box purchase. This project is delayed due to COVID and will ship instantly when it goes live!)
  • Want a little extra flair? Add Ten Point Star Engraving
  • Lids are interchangeable among same size coin boxes. For example, the round half dollar lid will fit on the square half dollar box. Extra lids are available for separate purchase.
  • Fits in the New Coin Box Wallet!
  • Four styles available: Copeland Coin Box (our standard coin box, such as the classic Okito coin box.), Copeland Slot Box (a box with a secret weapon to get one coin ahead), Copeland Boston Box (a box that can appear full of coins when empty), and Copeland Plug Box (a box that does not hold coins, it is just a very heavy, solid piece of brass for kicker endings!)
  • Each boxes comes with a numbered card of authenticity.
  • What you expect from the Copeland Coins Brand. Every detail thought out. Period.

Top 5 Advantages

  1. Each Copeland Coin Box has perfect weight: Not too much, not too little. Achieve perfect drop turnovers in less than four inches while not over loading your pocket with more metal than you need.
  2. The Copeland Coin box is a slim box. Shapes have been designed to ensure easy manipulation, concealments, and comfortable every day carry. 
  3. Every coin box comes with a matching lid. Even if you buy a combo set, every single box has it's own lid! The lids are thin with a perfect "one coin" recess. Trust us, this is nice. And the lids are an awesome weight, designed to be manipulated like coins!
  4. The Expert craftsmanship is both beauty and function with the Copeland Coin Box. Bevels, edges, and shaved rims ensure lightning fast roll overs, truly efficient turn overs, and sleights can be performed like never before!
  5. The Copeland Coin Box "lines" are complementary to the "lines" on the tech you currently carry. As well, the new square shape is unmistakably understood by your spectators as a box. This justifies your scripts and clarifies your performances. To sum it up: It makes stronger magic!!

Product Variants

Size is what size coins it holds: US silver dollars or US half dollars are the standard sizes. Each box will hold four coins in addition to a shell. If you use smooth Morgan Dollars or Barber Halves each box should hold 5 coins plus shell!

Shape is "Round" or "Square." The Square shape is brand new to the brass coin box! Both boxes have their strengths and come fully loaded with room for your imagination! (The lids are interchangeable among the same size boxes. For example, the round lid will fit on the square box and makes a neat "Jam Jar" look!  Selecting the variant "Round & Square Combo" will be for two boxes, 1 round and 1 square, at a stellar price! (When choosing "Round & Square Combo" sets you will get 6 or 8 boxes/ 3 or 4 boxes in each shape.)

Style is what kind of box. The "Copeland Coin Box" style is an extremely well thought out, standard coin box. It is as it appears: a brass box that holds coins. However, it's natural features give it enhanced magic abilities...Especially with the Copeland Coins' brand special design touches! There are no gimmicks in the standard Copeland Coin Box. The included Brass Video will teach you everything you need to know for performing with this magic prop.

Over the years,  sneaky ways were created to modify coin boxes. The three best variants are available for purchase:

"Copeland Slot Box" is a style with a, hidden in plain sight, secret weapon to get one coin ahead. It's built right into the box! It's an audience killer!

"Copeland Boston Box" style is a box that can appear full of coins when it is actually empty! You can show the Copeland Boston Box loaded with your coins and in just an instant, they all vanish! It even works the other way, empty box to full! A mind melter!

The "Copeland Plug Box" style is a box that does not hold any coins at all! It is just a solid piece of brass in the same shape as the Copeland Coin Box. Used for kicker endings to performance routines, you hand it to your audience and they are overwhelmed with emotion, realizing that coins cannot even go inside this heavy plug of brass!

Prices vary more or less based on production cost. Bundle boxes in packages of 2, 3, 4, or more to save big!

If your selected style shows "unavailable," simply try with a different configuration. This is particularly true if you are trying to bundle Round and Square boxes together. (Note: "Round and Square" shape bundles mathematically can only work with an even number of boxes.)

At this time, box bundles are available on same size boxes only. As well, at this time, other custom modifications are not available. There is a lot of information on this page. If you have questions, would like a different bundle or see something that does not make sense, just email us and we get your order sorted out and get you in possession of the best coin box for your magic! 

After you figure out what boxes you want, consider adding star engraving on this page.

Coins are not included with this lists.

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